Khamis, 29 Disember 2011

Once i love, i love like never before 
but once i've left , there's no more turning back !

Appreciate the chance i gave you . i wont giving it away free next time honey. You have to pay for it. Not by money,not by talk . But by PRIDE . i'm not easy to grab and i'm not that difficult to handle . I'm just appreciating what i got form my momma baby :) If you think i don't deserve you, you're million times ahead not qualified to own me darling .I'm way too obsessed with my life lane. My life of being single is too perfect that i called it as PRECIOUS . Just don't waste your time on me honey,you dont look like deserve to .And oh yeah haters, jealousy is the ugliest threat yaaw .. Hating me won't make you famous. Unless your ugly ex-boyfie making your humiliating life trending worldwide . Haha . I'm mean to anybody who mess with me so back-the-fuck-off ! See yaa ! :))

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