Isnin, 26 Disember 2011


kinda feel out of mood doing some revision on my studies . Too much of it makes me wanna suicide fer sure . Well. i'm in the middle of final eve ! so im not going to flirt much,update blogs and so on . its just wasting some of my PRECIOUS time yaw. But im stealing my lil time to post this stuff because i cant handle this anymore . U know when you're feeling played and toyed ?? its kinda fuck-up kn ? having it now darlings !

1st,idk what the hell is happening to my friend . They are arguing each other and pointing fingers at each other .im kinda feel upset by some . They are talking shit,try pulling us down,trying to make us feel insecure . but i dont see any good moral of what they're trying to do . Like hello,dont you guys have a life to do better than putting us as a threat ? you guys are planning what dowh ? come on la..i hate this ok..just stop it. if you guys think we're cool this way,then ok. We're cool. No more deal right ? you mind your life..i did mine. no offences and shut the fuck up .you guys is such a burden for us from last semester . if you guys cant handle the situation where people are talking shit about you then, dont do something that may make people will talk shit bout you lah sial . You guys are totally jerk,pathetic,kiddo,psycho,nazi creep and fucker bitch ! we hates you damn much like we're not going to regret losing friends like you guys ! Done swear-ing !

2nd . Idk what the heck is happening to him .that he think he can try me at the same time with other girl . Im kinda pissed off . Really ! why am i being an option ? do i look like questionaire ?Do i look like MCQ? do i look like im easy to be fooled? do i look that ugly? You know,when a guy telling you he's into you & being kinda sweet-talker  guys. callin u every-single-time just to say hi,whatcha doin n stuff, at the end of the day.. you get to know that he try somebody else and you feel like what..???? and from that moment you can conclude that he's a player right ? well. i'm feeling sooo terrible right now. why did he do this? im not sure. but yeah..its sad.I trusted him . but luckily im not into him quite yet .

Well.thats all for this lazy night .I'm off !

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