Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Bitch please

I'm actually get a lil bit offended while seeing people around me live their love life . No, seriously i'm not one of kind which stalking about others relationship but u know i get offended with many sort of things .

1) Fighting scene . Well every relationship has its upside down . I know.  Well but why dont you keep it between you two ? or just at least keep your lover flaw ? bitch please.. its ur bf yo . Why should you keep showing people how bad he is ? how worst he did make u cried and what so fuck . Come on .. sympathetic-co .U expect everybody will say what ? "yo girl, u deserve better ! he's a punk ! " and 2 days later u all make up and get back together ...while people around you feels stupid being sympathy much to you ? come on grow up ! huh ?

2) Romantic scene . Well yeah u guys have the awesome time when your lover do something big for your relationship. Its a good thing though . But man.. look! EVERYBODY HAD THEIR OWN ROMANTIC SCENE . i repeat "E V E R Y B O D Y " . Doesn't care if shes ugly or hes retarded minded they will had their own . You can show it yeah..people would love to cherish you guys yes . But you dont need to put all your romantic scene to the public lah wei . Tell everybody every single thing he had done to you and sort of.. later on people will get bored and annoyed . Seriously ! i tell u because i know what kids like u feel when it comes to love . I know..but behave la..keep it for just both of you .It would last longer .

3) Annoying part . I dont know why some of the lover like to post status, twitter, blog and all the social networking cursing each other, telling the whole world this bastards not worth having , this and that . Why lah ? You preparing of breaking up ke ? so what ? break up je lah . Then what ? Nak people around you curse too ? feels bad for you too ? Ok la if u post it only in fb  je ..or twitter je . Ni all the social network u ever had okay . How pathetic that look kan ? Come on la..Nak break , break je..nobody cares pun actually . really .. we just pretend to care je .. sebab kesian tengok u look pathetic sorang2 .

Khamis, 20 September 2012


Dear middle finger ,

thanks for standing up for me on my hard times and when i'm speechless.