Khamis, 24 Mei 2012

Poisons and Cure

I was in the middle of my sleep this morning. Really. When someone are talking even when you're still sleeping, you will hear them out LOUD right ? and you just ignore it because sleep is much pure beautiful than gossips aren't they ? well, Back it off and just get back to the point .I heard something annoying clinging on my ears and heart like damn damn damn and i was like ..shut the fuck up..! can't you see i'm sleeping and i'm hearing you say my name at the same time ? Yeah !Someone's talking about me . i mean not a good one . yeah !Not too bad too ...Really ! -.-"

I put it aside because i'm having a very strong relationship with my sleep . So who the hell cares? Yeah my mum and grandma's saying that i always plugged all the electricity on and never turn it off right back . And guess what ? for a girl like me, its normal apa ! don't say that they never do that ! Im watching! well. i always been distract by those abnormal thought .So..where are we?

Okay..then i wake up .. having a bath .. Cooking some food for my grandma and that's it . I got no more thing's to do that evening. And i was like boooringg!Just wonder , a girl like me who used to wake up early in the morning, going to class like non-stop ? and get back home about half an hour, then go back to campus for another class and then another class some more ..And only get rest in the night . Now i have to sit .. watching the grass grow and do nothing ? How could my schedule changed so mean ?so..i decided to take out my sister's cars to have a ride to nowhere . I drive ..and i was looking around . That evening was beautiful . Warm and peace . No traffic jam . No accident . And the most important, no more rempitttt there .

So.. i was wondering . What is it that i want to reach some more in my life ? One thing ! Only one thing .. love from ALLAH . i'm in bliss while im having a good relationship with ALLAH . And always having trouble whenever i was geting far from ALLAH .. I hope i will be a better moslem one day . One Fine day :)

Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

With heart

I've been living in this world for 22 years . There are a lots of upside down that i've been facing on.I found a lots of beautiful things that may giving me bliss . And i'll be thankful for that . But as the grass are green and the roses are red . I can see a lot of thing despite i was in it,i am really wondering why it should happen .

First i saw a guy with same directed minded. I don't say all of them . But majority of them are these type . I am a very observant person . All of the thing's around me will be the things that i look deeply while thinking about it .If there's a sexy picture of a female which was really interesting , something like random talent with beautiful skin, skinny body and big boobs . Wearing something tiny and hot..i don't care if that guy is the committee of mosque or a good nerdy guy .. they will be unite as one particular group .Commenting , liking and talk about it like FOREVER ? .. and i'm kinda feel awkward to read them all. Does the girl which represent the picture feeling anything about it ? Nothing ?? Seriously ??

Jumaat, 18 Mei 2012

Bliss In Blergh

Aku belejar banyak tentang hidup.
Kejap kita ada kat atas. Kejap kita ada kat bawah.
Benda dalam dunia ni kalau kita ikut flow betul2 semua pun boleh handle
tapi kalau semua benda kita nak negative
Susah la nak survive

Jumaat, 11 Mei 2012


satu fakta, dua penipuan
yang pertama kita ambil, dua buang
kenapa mengeluh? -.-"
dengar cerita lagi, dah jenuh berkali-kali
komplikasi dalam komunikasi jadi konfrontasi
mulut orang perosak reputasi, pembunuh motivasi
mereka pakar fabrikasi, modifikasi
di depan senyum, belakang dengki
yang cemburu mungkin teman kita sendiri
siapa tahu?
peduli, kita dah semuanya bersama
dah senang bersama, dah susah pun bersama
ketawa bersama, menangis bersama
ku bersumpah harap kita mati pun bersama
ke akhirnya :)

Selasa, 8 Mei 2012

I'm screwed !

As we grow up, we learn that the one person that was never supposed to let us down probably will. You’ll have your heart broken, and you’ll break others hearts. You’ll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them and you’ll forget that time is flying by. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, and no second chances. You just have to live your life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you, and tell someone off. Speak out, be sincere and say it with conviction. And never forget where you cam from, cause when you do.. It’s a long way home..


There are song, there are are complaints
There are stories, there are words.
Words are forgotten .
Memories are remembered :)
These memories come after the departure of a sweetheart.
if there is a bond, it let go,
if there's a mirror, it breaks.
we are all in difficulty 
this feeling is in the heart .
In the world,all of us are victim of memories.
some joy..a little sadness.
those are from us..and us are from those .
sweet memories.. bad memories ..
we are all in a hug of memories .