Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

With heart

I've been living in this world for 22 years . There are a lots of upside down that i've been facing on.I found a lots of beautiful things that may giving me bliss . And i'll be thankful for that . But as the grass are green and the roses are red . I can see a lot of thing despite i was in it,i am really wondering why it should happen .

First i saw a guy with same directed minded. I don't say all of them . But majority of them are these type . I am a very observant person . All of the thing's around me will be the things that i look deeply while thinking about it .If there's a sexy picture of a female which was really interesting , something like random talent with beautiful skin, skinny body and big boobs . Wearing something tiny and hot..i don't care if that guy is the committee of mosque or a good nerdy guy .. they will be unite as one particular group .Commenting , liking and talk about it like FOREVER ? .. and i'm kinda feel awkward to read them all. Does the girl which represent the picture feeling anything about it ? Nothing ?? Seriously ??

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