Jumaat, 2 Disember 2011

They've been asking for ages . The moment where i told my friends that i'm about to wear hijab ,I'm doing it seriously . But then .. there's a time when i came back to my old lame world . Its the hardest moment i've been facing .

Now i reveal it. That moment .. when i was a girl with hijab . I met a guy . For me he was not that special but yeah,he took my heart . Well when i was busy falling more and more to him,he once said to me " i don't really into a hijab girl.." . And that was the exact moment where i'm trying hard to be perfect to him ..

I know i've beed real stupid for doing that in order to grab his attention but well,love is blind right ? we couldnt even compare whats good and whats not. i admit i was stupid and yeah. At the end of the tunnel,he dumped me . I really mean it. He dumped me real mean . Too mean . But at last i'm breathing again . Thanks ALLAH :)

Encourage me friend ! i'm about to do it. I want a better life . Few of my friends already make their move . They encourage me to wear hijab :) and i'm glad. thanks to them .I'm about to do it. SLOWLY :)

3 ulasan:

  1. assalammualaikum..
    start slowly all over again..and new life means new book...u can delete or remove or hide the old pic too.. :)..u can do it - pemerhati bebas

  2. bru la ctk pakai cm ni,

  3. cool beb ! :)