Sabtu, 5 November 2011

Very talented

i told you i found a guy. He's talented in photography . He's talented to makes me smile . He's talented to make me laugh . He's talented to makes me worry enough too. haha.He's the BEST BEST BEST memory of mine !

i do HEART all his art from the beginning . I Found him not long ago.Since i was broken hearted with my ex.He just appear and become a savior to my lonely road.haha..He's very talented in photography. i wish i was there on his photoart . But well,guess i'm not good enough to be there :) Haha..anyway..i love the picture . Thanks to you. I can see you put so much effort to make me smile on my crazy lazy day . Masa ngah penat2 ...then u boom me with this thing and i was like..:) he's sweet nuff yo.

Well atif..i wish to see you soon . Hope one day kita ada masa untuk hang sama2 k .walau xpernah jumpa this guy..i know and im sure he's such a nice guy on earth..:)

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  1. ouh,this guy!yg neyna ad tulis entri pasal dy kan..haha..ya im hope so..maybe dy tbaik yg allah gantikan untuk neyna..btw,smt hari raya aidiladha for neyna and family!