Khamis, 17 November 2011


Easy easy
If you're feeling down get to know me
Because i'm the one who don't care much
i never thought to bother others
Easy easy
if we get to know one another
i will only ask for love and faithfulness
i don't need that much
easy easy
you probably would understand
we'll be together and get to know one another more
whether its on pain or happiness
easy easy
even if one day your heart change
i won't be surprised
you're thinking of leaving me
then i will understand you that you need to go
i will be sorry and will regret it
but i will still be easy-going
if you are about to leave
because i'm not a person who forces others
we'll seperate in a way that is very easy-going !

i got this lyric translate from a thailand song called "sa bai sa bai" :)

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