Sabtu, 3 September 2011

Truth about a movie

Its a's just 16.20 and its short . But the values in the stories is so hard 2 get from the other ordinary movies..
there's a scene that i adore.

Melissa : Do you realize ,it is only 2 options for our future togather .It's either we break up or we're get married .
The man:Have you really thought of that?
Melissa: Do you think we'll get married ?
The man:Geez..thats a lot of question. Why?you wanna get married with me?
Melissa:I dont know right now.
The man: me neither.
Melissa: Do you wanna break up with me ?
The man : Of course not.
Melissa: well,its gonna be one or the other.What do you think will happen if we're dont end up togather? we're gonna hate each other ? think, we'll keep in touch?
The man : I think,if life's seperates us.we'll be in a totally different places.i will always remember when i pass this life in this paradise..and i'll be thankful for that.and i hope that wherever you are,you'll be thankful too.and i think thats the best that we can wish for.

i miss someone that i wish i had this scene with him.i hope that wherever he go,he'll be thankful for what we've been through togather once upon a time .

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