Selasa, 30 April 2013


I've learn a lot about love pass these days.Been tearing down , look as stupid as ever. Yeah i've been in this situation for few times before . And at least i've learn something this time.I've learn to never fall in love too easy to person who doesnt know how to appreciate. Never to fall for the wrong person . Never hoped too much . Its beyond our control to fall for somebody, but if i did.. i'll make it real .The stupidest thing's i've done in life is to fall for the wrong person again and again . Keep hurting for the same lame reason and again im falling to pieces .If my heart could speak, it would probably cursing at me to make em bleeding this much. How more pathetic i could be ? Is there anyone out there who will look at me directly to my heart and sincerely want to take my hands and make me happy ? Just once.. Neyna supposedly to be someone who really2 strong and go through whatever. Never too weak for love . She will get back up and fight for more. But only this time . She really gaves up .

3 ulasan:

  1. Be strong..masih ad yg mnyayangi awk..

  2. u kuat sebenar nye ... semalam u nanges depan i ... tp ,u cepat calm down ... luv u lah ~ :D