Khamis, 9 Jun 2011


People judge her based on her sexual remark,her harsh words and controversial photos . she used 2 heard many fake story about her ownself espcially about the in and out boxer story.Ppl would like to see her fall. Like seriously its clear . And when she get up back,she'd become much more stronger than ever.she used to backstabbed & thats the reasons why she didnt roll with ppl that she dont trust . Maybe people dont know how hard is her life.PPL WILL NEVER KNOW !Cuz talk is cheap. People will start talking bad about her and yet ! be friends with her in the end of the day .yah !Well,ppl know she'll forgive n forget so easy . She used 2 be that way since she was a little kid. She didnt have a good life indeed .She dont understand what happy stands for. She's crying a lot . She did it dily.More than laughter .She's being dump. Being lied. Being hated.Being at the end of the line up and smile like unwanted person. She's not used to be happy .She's never feels like being loved . She'd always been lefted . Being alone is how she live her life. When she was a little kid,no one ever told her she's beautiful . No one even like to look at her . She had a lack of confident about her own self . But she didnt give a damn about it . She love herself more than other people did.Even when she's crying, she can carve a smile . cuz she know..sadness is for the weak. Less tears ..more laugh. But inside ? only god can tell.

i love you neyna . you can be happy .even without them all.. go go ! BE STRONG GIRL .

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