Isnin, 4 Februari 2013

Point of view

How about you who always misjudge people around you starts to sit and have a good warm talk with drug dealer in the evening with a cup of tea . It would be fun .

How can a person jump into a world of drugs ?Have you ever thought what they been up to ? What to do if a billion dollars youngsters keep talking and walk like a boss ? Bragging about their $7000 suits with their briefcase full of dollars ? Talking about their cars, home, hotties.. You ever imagine how exciting it would be ? Living with no working time, wake up in the evening ..collecting money at night and have fun without have to work hard for it ? We're human . We will never say no to this kind of life ..

Selling pops for living, having a fast money . I know how they live . I roll with them . But what ? i know they have a really good heart . Their link with their friends was awesome ! What about you who talking bad and always look down on this kinda ppl ? your heart was pure white enough huh ? I guess u guys need a jealousy pain killer .

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