Khamis, 24 Mei 2012

Poisons and Cure

I was in the middle of my sleep this morning. Really. When someone are talking even when you're still sleeping, you will hear them out LOUD right ? and you just ignore it because sleep is much pure beautiful than gossips aren't they ? well, Back it off and just get back to the point .I heard something annoying clinging on my ears and heart like damn damn damn and i was like ..shut the fuck up..! can't you see i'm sleeping and i'm hearing you say my name at the same time ? Yeah !Someone's talking about me . i mean not a good one . yeah !Not too bad too ...Really ! -.-"

I put it aside because i'm having a very strong relationship with my sleep . So who the hell cares? Yeah my mum and grandma's saying that i always plugged all the electricity on and never turn it off right back . And guess what ? for a girl like me, its normal apa ! don't say that they never do that ! Im watching! well. i always been distract by those abnormal thought .So..where are we?

Okay..then i wake up .. having a bath .. Cooking some food for my grandma and that's it . I got no more thing's to do that evening. And i was like boooringg!Just wonder , a girl like me who used to wake up early in the morning, going to class like non-stop ? and get back home about half an hour, then go back to campus for another class and then another class some more ..And only get rest in the night . Now i have to sit .. watching the grass grow and do nothing ? How could my schedule changed so mean ?so..i decided to take out my sister's cars to have a ride to nowhere . I drive ..and i was looking around . That evening was beautiful . Warm and peace . No traffic jam . No accident . And the most important, no more rempitttt there .

So.. i was wondering . What is it that i want to reach some more in my life ? One thing ! Only one thing .. love from ALLAH . i'm in bliss while im having a good relationship with ALLAH . And always having trouble whenever i was geting far from ALLAH .. I hope i will be a better moslem one day . One Fine day :)

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