Ahad, 29 Januari 2012

Crying day

Tears had become the best friend of mine since i was a lil kid . Always be there when i was sad . Always accompany me . Always makes me feel better when i have em . I really need to cry because i need my bestfriend to calm me down . Tears, you're such a good medicine .

today i was crying and crying and cried again ..its so upset to set myself as an idiot. Whats love stands for ? do i really understand ? then why should i get involved in it if im not  sure what it really was..?i had a very tough memory in love since i was a kid. Howcome a girl like me could face all of those shit bravely ? Im so proud of myself . I just dont want to get involved in it anymore .. No more ! Im pathetic. Psycho. Sad and unwanted . Really :'( Go away. I look ugly when i was crying.

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