Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011


I don’t have anything in return to give you . all i can do is being nice 2 you while im here. Its annoying to see you disturbing my life by doing things that i don’t like and expect me to be more like you. Its not that i don’t like you,its just that im not enjoying being you ! Its annoying to see my reflection in the mirror now and expect that i look the same as i was few years ago.i cant help it.i cant help to feel sad.i couldn’t see me anymore. What i can see in me now is you ! Cuz im way too stupid living a life according to your style.i miss being me.How joyful i was.how happy my life was.Rolling only with the best.kick ass.. Where i am really happy being the real me..be less like you..i mean be nothing like you ! im not enjoying myself doing things according to your saying,to your style,to your opinion. .i dont need all that.you're not my mum anyway.My life now its all about you you and more you . im sick and im tired. Sometimes.i need my time alone ! being me. Myself.i miss my old me


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